Apple is reportedly opening up their NFC chip to developers in iOS 12

May 26, 2018

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Apple’s iOS 12 is reportedly initiating a big change to the way Apple handles NFC on the iPhone.

Currently, while the iPhone does support NFC, there are more than a few limitations. Users are only allowed to use it for NFC purposes, and limited to that scenario for Apple Pay unlike android were multiple NFC payment apps can be used.

This is set to change in iOS 12 where the firm is reportedly moving to use NFC for more contactless scenarios. Ideally, it’ll be able to act as a virtual key card in a hotel or a virtual transit card for users who travel on public transport.

The current system already works for this purpose in countries like the UK which already support contactless payments for public transit in London and other regions.

The firm hs already discussed plans with Cubic according to The Information which powers some transportation issues like Translink and others. The firm will reportedly announce some of the developments at WWDC, though it’s not clear if it’ll be limited to trusted parties like some iOS feature are.

via 9to5Mac

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