Apple and Qualcomm end all lawsuits with surprise settlement


16, 2019

Apple and Qualcomm’s lawsuits have come to a sudden end. In a press release today, the personal computing giant announced the end of the feud between the two firms:

 Qualcomm and Apple today announced an agreement to dismiss all litigation between the two companies worldwide. The settlement includes a payment from Apple to Qualcomm. The companies also have reached a six-year license agreement, effective as of April 1, 2019, including a two-year option to extend, and a multiyear chipset supply agreement.

Both firms appear to have reached a settlement just as another royalty suit was starting. And to be clear, this dismisses all lawsuits and litigation between the two companies, worldwide. Qualcomm had previously won limited injunctions against Apple in Germany and China and was working to restrict iPhone sales elsewhere. Both firm’s stock has soared since the announcement.

Source: Apple

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