Apple accused of sharing iTunes listening data in new lawsuit

May 27, 2019

Apple has made its reputation of being a privacy-first company, so naturally, it’s being challenged on that in court as per a Bloomberg report.

Three iTunes customers have filed a lawsuit against the firm, arguing that Apple unlawfully collects and sells their iTunes users’ personal data without meaningful informed consent.

The lawsuit alleges that:

For example, any person or entity could rent a list with the names and addresses of all unmarried, college-educated women over the age of 70 with a household income of over $80,000 who purchased country music from Apple via its iTunes Store mobile application. Such a list is available for sale for approximately $136 per thousand customers listed.

These customers attempt to represent all iTunes users in Rhode Island and Michi8gan and are suing the firm for $250 per customer in the former and $5, 000 in the latter state.

With trust in tech companies hitting an all-time low in recent months, it’ll be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out.

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