App Review: WNM Live

If you’re an online social butterfly who loves chatting with random people, check out WNM Live for free!

What is it?

WNM Live is sort of like Facebook… but instead of restricting your data to your friends, every post you make is publicly available. You can post a message (or a picture) and usually get comments on it from completely random people within minutes. If you find some people who write posts that you like, you can “favorite” them to “watch” all their posts (so you’re notified when they post something).

App Highlights

There are plenty of great things about this app, whether you like the open social experience or not. WNM Live has some of the most reliable push notifications yet. It destroys the still unimpressive Facebook app on Windows Phone. Push notifications come in instantly instead of 15 seconds late. Pages automatically refresh when people comment! Things just work.

Not many people use WNM, but the small user base could actually be considered an advantage. Unlike Twitter, when you post something on WNM, people usually see and reply to it, even if you don’t know anyone on the app yet! However, you’re probably not going to meet anyone nearby you… there are about 8 people who use WNM in my city of 1 million+ people.

In conclusion, if you’re someone who likes this type of open social experience, WNM is worth checking out. It’s not perfect (I address a few minor issues below), but it sure is close to perfect! Plus, it’s free.

Nitpicking section (nothing’s perfect, right?)

There are a few minor annoyances in the app. None of these are critical, which is why I left them at the bottom of the review. The normal sized live tile is nearly useless (it just displays a counter). There’s a new double-wide live tile for WP8 that actually previews a new message for you, but requiring the wide tile is a bit excessive. Facebook actually does a better job here.. their live tile flips over to display info about the notification. Replying to comments is also difficult because the keyboard completely covers the comments while typing. And toast notifications for comment replies are uninformative, since they simply say “Watched post has new comments!” without giving you any actual information.QRCode


Title: WNM Live
Price: FREE
Publisher: SynergeTech Solutions, Inc

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