Alpha Skip-Ahead Xbox users are in for a surprise

by Ash
November 11, 2019
xbox one

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Those who are in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring of testing for Xbox One consoles will be getting a nice surprise soon in the form of a new customisable Home dashboard and a Surprise Me button.

The news was announced in a series of Tweets from the official Xbox Insider account, with the first announcement being that there are new customisation options for your Xbox One’s Home dashboard.

You can press the View button on your controller to bring up a screen that lets you change your Home to your liking. You can add, remove, and re-order the blocks shown on the Home screen, along with customising your more personal options such as your theme, ease of access, and background.

Secondly, the Surprise Me button can now be found in your Collections. You’ll find it in the upper right of My Games & Apps.

The Xbox Insider Twitter says that the button “can help determine what to play next” so, if we’re to take an educated guess, the Surprise Me button most likely brings up a random game from your library for you to enjoy. It’s like the shuffle button for music, except it’s for your games.

The update is rolling out for all testers today so, if you’re an Alpha Skip-Ahead user and haven’t received it yet, just keep checking your Xbox!

In related Alpha Skip-Ahead news, Xbox Insiders in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings in the US and UK can now try out an exclusive preview of Xbox Console StreamingUpdate: I’ve been informed users in all testing rings, including Omega, can now try out Xbox Console Streaming!

This means that you can now remotely play your owned and installed Xbox One games, including those from the Xbox Game Pass catalogue, on a compatible Android phone or tablet.

Unlike Project xCloud, which relies on cloud technology to stream games, Console Streaming is all about remote play. You’ll be able to play your Xbox One games on the go, including all features such as online multiplayer.

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