All seven new Overwatch Winter Wonderland skins have been unveiled

Overwatch’s much-loved Winter Wonderland event is returning on December 11th and with it comes a whole host of new winter-themed skins for your favorite heroes. All seven skins have been revealed, with six Legendaries and one Epic in the mix. Here’s what you can look forward to finding in the loot boxes under the Christmas tree when the festivities kick off tomorrow.

Snowboarder Zarya (Legendary)

Described as ‘pawsitively fursome’, Zarya’s Snowboarder skin features our favorite pink-haired Tank clad in weather-appropriate gear (remember to snowboard responsibly!) and topped off with a cute little bear hat. Awww!

Arctic Fox Lucio (Legendary)

Lucio’s new skin finds the Support DJ wearing a fancy and futuristic cyber-suit and even gives his hair a new winter-y look in the form of arctic fox tails, meaning that he’s looking like a stone cold fox!

Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy (Legendary)

Mercy’s new skin finds her dressed up as a sugar plum fairy, complete with delicate new wings, pointy ears, and a dashing theme made up of green and purple hues. It’s so sweet, you might get cavities just looking at it.

Biathon Widowmaker (Legendary)

Widowmaker’s new skin finds her clad in a fashionable yet functional pink-and-white costume and plays to her strengths as a sniper, as the biathlon is a winter sport that combines skiing and rifle shooting. You could even say that it ‘hits the mark’.

Gift Wrap Bastion (Epic)

On the first day of Christmas Blizzard gave to me a partridge and-also-Bastion-dressed-up-like-a-present-and-absolutely-no pear tree! Bastion’s new skin is arguably the most adorable and festive one yet and even comes all wrapped up in a bow.

Figure Skater Symmetra (Legendary)

Symmetra’s new skin scores a perfect 10 and is very ‘ice’ looking, if I do say so myself. Outfitted in a shimmering and intricately patterned green dress and with her Photon Projector re-styled to look like figure skate blades, this outfit is definitely going for gold.

Krampus Junkrat (Legendary)

You’d better watch out lest you end up with a stocking full of coal (or even worse), because Junkrat’s new skin puts him in the shoes of Krampus! The new skin comes with an appropriately festive Santa outfit and, of course, a fresh and terrifying new look for his RIP-tire.

Winter Wonderland begins tomorrow and will last until January 2nd. Previous seasonal skins will return at discounted prices, so snap them up while you can!

Source: Overwatch’s Twitter.