Alcatel introduces its new tablet running Windows 10 Mobile


Alcatel today introduced its new tablet running Windows 10 Mobile. The company’s new Windows 10 Mobile tablet, the Pixi 3 comes with an 8-inch display. Additionally, the company is offering several Color Skins and Flip Stand covers for the device, too. The device also comes with other “hot” features like TV remote control, voice calling, GPS, front and rear cameras. What’s more interesting about the device is the fact that it comes with 4G connectivity.

The first ALCATEL ONETOUCH tablet with a Windows Mobile operating system, the entry-level PIXI 3 8-inch tablet features Windows 10 Mobile, optimized for tablets. It offers customization through Color Skins and Flip Stand covers. Other hot features: TV remote control, voice-call enablement, GPS, and front and rear cameras.

The entry-level PIXI 3 8-inch tablet struts a Windows 10 Mobile operating system and Qualcomm chipset for 4G connectivity

It is not yet clear if the Pixi 3 supports Continuum or not, but we hope to know more at CES 2016 which is going down tomorrow. It is worth noting that Alcatel is also expected to introduce a new Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, which will be exclusive to T-Mobile in the US.