After Nokia deal Flurry confirms Windows Phone 7 overtook Blackberry in developer interest

flurryBoth Microsoft and Nokia has coached their deal as creating a 3rd ecosystem for carriers, consumers and developers.  Verizon disagreed, saying they preferred betting on Blackberry and even perennial laggards webOS.

Flurry, who saw a 66% increase in developer interest even before the deal was announced, reports that after the 11th February projects started 300% more apps were started on Windows Phone 7 compared to the week before.

Of course this increase is from a very low level – before the Nokia deal only 1% of new project was started on Windows phone 7 compared to 4% after.  This compares to 69% on the iPhone and 25% on Android.  This has however moved Windows Phone from 4th place behind Blackberry at 2% to 3rd, and relegated Verizon’s contender to the last place (ignoring webOS of course).

As the installed base of Windows phone 7 handsets increase, and developers see increasing profits from sales on the platform, we can expect these percentages to just go up for Windows Phone 7.  The OS is already on track to pass the number of applications available on the Blackberry App World.

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