A Surface Pro 4 refresh just got confirmed by Microsoft

May 4, 2017

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Microsoft launched a new Surface device earlier this week. Microsoft’s latest device for the Surface line, the Surface Laptop, received mixed feedback from people online — but it comes at a crucial point for the software giant. Just last week, the company reported a 26% decline in revenue for its Surface revenue, which was likely caused by the lack of new products for its Surface Pro line, as well as the Surface Book line.

Microsoft was initially expected to introduced updates to the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book at the Spring event this April┬ábut obviously didn’t happen. Instead, the company is now expected to introduce updates to the Surface Pro and Surface Book lines later this year. In an interview with Bloomberg Technology, Yusuf Mehdi, the CVP of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices group confirmed that there might be an update to the Surface Pro 4 coming “soon.”

Explaining Microsoft’s hardware strategy, Mehdi said:

“We are in Surface to create new categories of computing, and you see that with the Surface Book, Surface Studio, and even the original Surface Pro. And then what we want to do is that we want to grow the overall Windows ecosystem with HP, Dell, Lenovo. If you look at the last year, we’ve grown share in large parts because of the pioneering work in Surface. This last year it’s true we’ve seen more price competition from OEMs that have kind of impacted [Surface’s revenue]. The Surface Laptop is new today, and you might expect to see an update to Surface Pro 4 coming soon”

Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 will be substantial for the company, and it will be very interesting to see what the company does to set its new devices apart from the competition. The fact that Surface Laptop didn’t have anything unique disappointed quite a lot of Microsoft’s fans, but that’s unlikely to be the case for the upcoming Surface flagships.

You can watch the full interview below, where Mehdi also talks about Windows 10’s progress and Microsoft’s “Cloud First, Mobile First” strategy:

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