A look INSIDE the July lineup for Xbox Live Games With Gold

by Ash
June 29, 2019

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Another month, another set of free games for Xbox Live Gold members! This month brings two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games.

If you’re not familiar with how Xbox Live Games With Gold works, here’s a rundown: Xbox Live Gold members can get four games each month for completely free!

All the games are backward compatible on Xbox One, so you don’t need to have a 360 or original Xbox to play them. However, if you do have a 360, you can get the non-One games for free.

Each game is free for a limited time and you’ll need to take note of when to download it.

First up is INSIDE, which is free between July 1st and July 31st.

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INSIDE is a 2.5D puzzle-platformer adventure game where you play as a boy in a dystopian world. You have to solve environmental puzzles, work your way through terrifying levels, and just try your hardest not to die.

The other Xbox One game available is Big Crown: Showdown. It’ll be available for free between July 16th and August 15th.

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Big Crown: Showdown sees friends become foes as you all compete in 4-player local and online multiplayer combat, set over 3 wacky worlds full of medieval shenanigans. You only have to use one-button for combat, so it’s accessible and enjoyable!

Next up is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It was first released on PlayStation, back in 1997, but came to Xbox 360 in 2007. It’ll be available between July 1st and July 15th.

Side note: There’s no Xbox 360 trailer available for the game, so I’ve embedded a 7 hour long playthrough below instead.

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The game is a direct sequel to Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and takes place four years later. Playing as protagonist Alucard, you rise from your slumber to explore Dracula’s castle. It was also the first Castlevania game to introduce exploration, non-linear level design, and RPG elements.

Last, but not least, is Meet The Robinsons on Xbox 360. You can download it for free between July 16th and July 31st.

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In Meet The Robinsons, you have to save the future by travelling to the past. Help Wilbur Robinson pursue the villainous Bowler Hat Guy and his robot hat, Doris, through time and thwart their evil plans!

For more information, you can pop over to Xbox Wire and read the full rundown on this month’s selection. See you next month for even more Gold games!

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