Windows Forms apps finally supported on Windows 10 ARM devices, WPF support coming later

Windows Forms ARM

Microsoft today announced the release of .NET 5.0 Preview 6 with some new features and performance improvements. The major feature in this update is the support for Windows Forms apps on Windows ARM64. Until now, only console and ASP.NET Core apps were supported on Windows ARM64. With this support, developers can build and run Windows Forms apps on Windows ARM64 devices like Surface Pro X. Microsoft also revealed that they are still working on support for WPF on Windows ARM64. So, you can expect WPF support in the future releases.

Visual Studio .NET remote debugger support for Windows ARM64 will be available with Visual Studio 16.7 release. Visual Studio Code .NET remote debugger support will be coming later.

You canĀ download the new .NET 5.0 Preview 6, for Windows, macOS, and Linux using the below links.

Source: Microsoft

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