Who Knew?



Do you know? Choose wisely.

I just recently finished development on a Windows Phone game called Who Knew?.

Now granted, I’m a bit biased, but I really feel like we’ve written the best trivia game on the Windows market. The genre, to me, is tailor made for mobile gaming. You should be able to just drop in and answer a few questions anytime/anywhere and come out of the experience not only having been entertained, but also having learned a fascinating new fact or two. Unfortunately, the current crop of trivia-based offerings in the Windows Phone store seem to be stuck either catering to a specific movie/TV show or have overly complicated interfaces with generic “seriously, who doesn’t know that?” questions. Plus, with the exception of EA’s lackluster Trivial Pursuit port, none of them are even close to the top tier of games listed in the “puzzle+trivia” section of the store, much less in any overall categories.

With Who Knew?, I’m gunning to change that. I truly believe I have a game here that everyone can enjoy. Casual gamers, knowledge junkies, bored people on the toilet – everybody. The whole game is designed around the concept of learning fascinating new things every time you play, rather than just putting up the highest score. Explanations to incorrect answers are provided, written in a way that doesn’t just tell you what the actually fact is, but also (hopefully) elicits a bit of a chuckle too.

There are five categories available in this initial release, each with 100 questions. You can choose from Food, Geography, History, Pop Culture, or Science. Stats are tracked and displayed on the home screen, just in case you’re curious as to which category you’re strongest in or how many times you’ve answered a question wrong. Sometimes you just have to know.

I would really appreciate if you could take the time to check out Who Knew? for yourself. See if it strikes you in the way I’m hoping it does, and then pass it along.

Link: windowsphone.com/app/who-knew

Thank you for reading what has turned out to be basically a novel,


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