Discussion: Which Windows Store apps do you use on your W10 PC, and which do you wish existed?


The future of Windows 10 Mobile depends on how developers adopt Universal Windows Apps, driven largely by the growing installed base of Windows 10 desktop and laptops, which already exceeds 200 million devices.

A large installed base is however not enough, as Windows 8 and 8.1 demonstrated.  There is also a need for users to engage with the store and the apps therein, which raises the question of which apps Windows 10 users actually use on their x86 machines.

My own list is relatively short, and include:

  • Baconit
  • Fitbit
  • Netflix
  • Photos (mostly not by choice, but because it opens pictures by default)

I wish there was a:

  • Windows Store Slack app (though the windows app is fine)
  • more home automation apps like Tado, Phillips Hue, Hive etc
  • a Windows Store Sky Movies and TV app
  • a good Windows Store Quick Notes app
  • a good light photo editor for quick crop and resize
  • Chromecast app which lets me change settings, wallpaper etc
  • Good budgeting and accounting software similar to the old Microsoft Money

Which Windows Store apps do our readers use and recommend day-to-day, and which do you wish developers created or improved? Let us know below.