Weekly discussion: Microsoft’s commitment to Windows Phone, the best Windows Phone apps and more


Modular Windows Phone announced for release next year.

I can’t accuse myself of being a fan of modular products, much fewer phones which I need to work OOTB. I’m also not sure as to what they mean by modular, I’m interpreting it as a “build your own phone” but with preselected components. In other words, it’s just like how we handle phone components at the moment, but with a much larger range. I’m not too certain about the desirability of modular handsets on a large-scale, but they certainly are interesting.

No new builds for Windows 10 this week, RTM possibly next week

While the Lumia 950 and 950 XL are being shipped out preloaded with Windows 10 Mobile build 10586, it’s worth noting that Microsoft is going to sent the same build out to insiders with some modifications. What kind of modifications? Simply put, Microsoft’s new flagship handsets can get the RTM build preloaded on them because Microsoft can just put the OS on the devices directly. For insiders, Microsoft is going to have to work with a wide variety of devices and make sure that the OS installs properly on the hardware. Install bugs are not unheard of, and I’m 100% sure no one wants an update that cannot be opened or one that restricts their ability to update to future OS versions.

Skype Integration now widely available – still half-baked

Just a small note to mention that the Skype app I was berated for complaining about, as it was a “preview” app, has now been released to the public with no mention of “preview” on the app, nor on the store listing. First impressions matter Microsoft…

The very best of Windows Phone apps.

AAWP made this very impressive list of Windows Phone apps that ANYONE interested in Windows Phone should have a look at.

It contains popular apps like Wunderlist and smaller utilities like OneDo for Windows and Bookviser reader. If you’re looking for apps to populate your Windows Phone with, refer to that list. I’d also recommend a small app called Flat notes and Freda if you have a large collection of non-DRM ebooks. Both a Windows 10 enabled apps at the moment. Are there any other apps you’d like to recommend? Share it in the comments below.

Is Microsoft committed to Windows Phone?

Jason Ward of Windows Central seems to think so, he shares his opinion in his weekly column where he states:

Microsoft has built an agnostic cloud platform upon which rival’s apps run and app data resides. They’ve also designed a platform agnostic device management platform for the enterprise. Redmond’s positioning of cross-platform Microsoft-branded apps also ensures that users are growing accustomed to Microsoft’s solutions. Microsoft is becoming the mobile platform in the new “device-less” age.

This strategy is coupled with Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform and first-party devices. Furthermore, per Nadella, Microsoft experiences will be best on Microsoft devices. This claim appears to have been proven by Continuum enabled devices like the Surface and Lumia 950 family of devices running universal apps.

I’m not posting all of it to save space, but you can just as easily go on and have a look there at the link. I kind of agree with him that Microsoft is committed to Windows Phone now. Let’s face it, if they weren’t committed then there would be no point in Windows 10 or new Lumia hardware.  Microsoft definitely is committed to Windows, but it’s their execution of it that has been abysmal. Windows 10 mobile looks like it’s going to be different, so I’m leaning on the positive side for this.

Once again, changed the style of the weekly discussion a little bit this week, feel free to give feedback on that in the comments as well.