Vankyo Performance V700W review: A fantastic projector and audio combined in one wonderful device

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I’m so pleasantly surprised by the Vankyo Performance V700W that I’ve been looking forward to writing this review for you guys. I’ve heard about Vankyo before: The company has been around for over five years now and has matured into one of the leading brands for projectors, which they certainly prove with their V700W. I’m finally trying it!

Amazing audio

Let’s start off with the audio produced by this little fella that goes under the long moniker of “VANKYO Performance V700W Livehouse Projector”. Inside are not one but two speakers at 5Watt and 4ohm, so that’s double or four times the amount of Watt as comparable projectors! And do you remember the Dolby Surround logo you often see when watching movies? Vankyo has teamed up with them and enhanced the audio through some software named ‘360° degrees Dolby Audio’.

I’m not exactly sure how it works, but it sounds amazing! I’ve been watching two remastered Disney movies, and the sound atmosphere is terrific. I’m so immersed in these sad, scary or happy scenes from the movie. I’ve also listened to my favorite artist, and the bass is impressive, and the high tones are clear as well. Plus, the audio from the V700W goes in all directions, so if you’re watching with a big group that sits around the projector, everyone gets to hear that quality.

Watching movies

So we’re talking about a projector after all, and in my eyes (see what I did there), the projection is more important than the audio, but also here, the V700W is terrific. I tried the V700W in two different places; our living room with the curtains closed and also our backyard in the evening (we used the free screen provided by Vankyo in the box). Of course, the darker your room, the better it is, but even in the backyard, the movie projection was clear and sharp, the colors vivid.

The brightness has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, which is really high and better than comparable projectors. The 420 ANSI lumens lens creates brightness when your room isn’t pitch black, still giving a bright projection. And the V700W projects at Vankyo’s Flagship 1080P LCD and even supports 4K movies.

A cute little fella

The device is marble-white with rounded edges. It’s not minuscule, but it’s still small and easy to take with you on a trip. Its lens is huge and this makes it look cute (in my eyes, at least). It comes with remote control, the free screen mentioned earlier, and a whole bunch of cables for power, HDMI, and such — but it also has ports for USB, AV, VGA, and an SD card. You can use the V700W for a wide range of services such as Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, AppleTV, and Roku — and if your obscure streaming service isn’t supported, you can connect anything from a PC/Mac to a Playstation or Xbox and Nintendo. Also, your old VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray players work, and you can share audio or video with your phone through Bluetooth 5.1.

Sharing audio with your phone is actually a nice thing, thanks to bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1. “Bidirectional” here means that the projector and your phone (or another device) can communicate in both ways (sending & receiving). So this allows the projector to be turned into a speaker as well, which is perfect because the projector normally sits in the middle of our living room. This is also a great place for an audio device, and when I come home, I can simply connect to it over bidirectional Bluetooth and play music without having to turn on the TV.

Another great thing to mention is that the V700W comes in environmentally friendly packaging. The box is made of recycled cardboard; the ink is made of soybeans (yes, really!). Each Vankyo V700W will reduce carbon emissions by 564.5 grams, over half a kilo!

Easy in use

So there are a bunch of buttons on the projector and the remote control, but really probably, you don’t need to tweak a lot. I put the projector in our living room (and later our backyard), and it did all the work of ‘finding’ the wall and focussing the screen (electronic focussing), setting the corners straight (keystone correction), and probably it doing some other things automatically. And do your eyes ever feel strained after watching a movie on a projector? (Or even a screen?) The V700W has Blue Light Eye Protection which is more comfortable for your eyes.

As said, the V700W is small, so I can also imagine taking it and the screen with you on a camping trip or in your RV. Even though it’ll be winter soon, few things are more amazing than hugging your loved ones, wrapping a blanket around you, and watching a movie, outdoors under the stars.

Get yours today

Whether it’s for music, movies, or entertainment, I recommend this projector over others, especially if you’re looking for a projector with fantastic projection as well as audio, yet at an affordable price. You can purchase the V700W online at Vankyo’s official website, where the V700W (at this time of writing) costs just under $300. I’m going back to playing some Disney songs now!