Ubisoft announces Ghost Recon Frontline

October 6, 2021
Ghost Recon Frontline

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During the recent Ghost Recon 20th Anniversary livestream, Ubisoft announced a new free-to-play instalment in the long-running franchise, Ghost Recon Frontline. 

This new free-to-play class-based shooter will offer an assortment of modes, king among which is a massive 102 player mode called Expedition, which Ubisoft describes as a “new take on the battle royale genre.” 

This Expedition mode will see teams of three players competing to complete objectives around the game’s expansive map, which will feature no converging circle. To win, players must extract once they’ve collected enough intel, however, once you begin that process, the other 99 players will know your location, so things may get a little dicey. 

According to the games website, “Ghost Recon Frontline features an advanced class system and large set of tactical support tools allowing for complete freedom in strategic gameplay, with multiple ways to outsmart enemy teams and win every fight.” 

Throughout the reveal trailer, we’ve already caught glimpses of this tactical action, as it appears that, on top of unique class abilities, players will be able to call down strategic cover to help aid them in a fight. 

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Alongside the Expedition mode Ghost Recon Frontline is also due to include a 9v9 game mode called Control, however, Ubisoft has not spoken about this mode in length. Ubisoft has announced that the game will receive additional game modes in future seasons. 

There is currently no planned date when Ghost Recon Frontline will launch. When it does launch, it will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia.

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