Will you soon be able to translate video on Edge natively? New discovery says so

October 20, 2023

Microsoft is apparently testing a new feature in Edge Canary that may allow users to translate video on Edge into their preferred language. 

The feature was shared by X user @Leopeva64 (fka Twitter), who shared a GIF of the new “Translate” button appearing when hovering over a video.

The insider says that currently, the “Translate” button does not do anything when clicked, but it is likely that Microsoft is still working on the feature. 

Take a look here:

It is possible that the translated video would appear in the same “Translate” pane that was recently added to Edge’s PDF reader.

Now, if you recall, the translation feature on the native PDF reader hasn’t yet arrived in the Stable version of the browser and Microsoft is still testing this in Canary. 

Though, once you click on it, it will just open a side-panel for translation. It doesn’t work as how you usually translate an entire webpage on Edge (or even on Chrome, for that matters), but it’s still a welcomed addition. 

Thought on this subtle-yet-interesting change?

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