This phone with built-in mini-drone may be the craziest idea ever

by Surur
July 7, 2021

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There is a famous saying which says the future is here already, it is just not evenly distributed yet. Vivo is certainly living a few years further in the future than the rest of us, going by a recent patent by the company for a mini-drone integrated directly into a smartphone that can fly off on request to take the perfect selfie.

LetsGoDigital has now brought the device to life in the render which can be seen below:

The patent shows at least 2 cameras in the drone module – a side facing and top one, with additional directions also available. The drone will also feature four propellers and 3 infra-red sensors for collision avoidance and of course its own battery, which can likely be recharged by your phone itself.

The mini-drone should be less than 5x5cm and also less than 1 cm thick.

It is unclear if such a device will ever make it to market, given the impact of the mini-drone on the size, weight and bulk of the handset, but the mere existence of the concept shows how far technology has progressed.

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