This is what Microsoft’s Lite Chrome OS killer looks like

by Surur
February 26, 2019

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We have heard a lot about Microsoft’s Chrome OS competitor, Lite OS, which will apparently start again with new user interface designed for front-line workers who need to run only one app at a time.

Petri’s Brad Sams has been writing about the operating system and reports that the above mock-up is a faithful rendition of what the actual OS will look like.

The OS will reportedly run UWP and PWA apps, though Microsoft is still trying to get Win32 apps on the platform also, either via containers or streaming. Microsoft is hoping for an operating system without the maintenance overhead of desktop Windows.  Despite this, it will still have a windowing system, file system and File Explorer, settings and more.

Initially targetted at “lite” users, Microsoft hopes it will eventually grow to include heavy users also. Lite OS is designed for Microsoft’s new class of devices such as¬†Pegasus, Centarus from a variety of OEMs and will support x86 and ARM.

Microsoft is reportedly working aggressively to get the OS out, and it may be publicly launched at Build in May for testing in the summer.

What do our readers think of the Windows 3.1-like design and OS strategy? Let us know below.

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