The next Surface may include a rechargeable Surface Pen


18, 2016


Microsoft’s upcoming Surface device may come with a new Surface Pen. The company’s upcoming Surface Pen could be rechargeable, allowing users to recharge the Pen’s battery. Currently on the Surface Pro 4, the Surface Pen comes with an AAAA battery which the users have to swap when it runs out of charge. However, with the upcoming one, you won’t have to swap the batteries anymore.


The new details were revealed by a patent which Microsoft submitted recently. According to the patents, users will be able to charge the Surface Pen by sticking/docking it into their Surface device. On the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, users can dock their Pen magnetically – however, with the Surface Pro 5, they will also be able to charge the Pen while its docked to the Surface.

This looks pretty good in my opinion, and it should work much better than the Apple Pen for iPad Pro which is undoubtedly a design failure.

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