The curse on no native development? Skype drops Windows Phone 7 also


13, 2010

Dan Neary, Skype VP for Asia Pacific
Skype's Dan Neary - No Skype for Windows Phone 7

Speaking an event in Sydney Dan Neary Asia Pacific Vice President for Skype  told Australian that they will not be developing a VOIP client for Windows Phone 7. The company will be concentrating instead on iPhone, Symbian and Android, with new offerings currently in development.

The company did not explain their decision, but two possibilities exist – either lack of confidence in the market performance of the operating system, or alternatively difficulties in development due to lack of the ability to use native code on the platform, with developers tied to Silverlight and XNA. Issues such as lack of multi-tasking may also affect the utility of VOIP software.

Read more at Smarthouse here.

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