Telegram version 5.10 is now available for Android and iOS.

The new update adds many new features, including:

  • Silent messages
  • Slow mode
  • Custom titles
  • Video timestamps
  • Thumbnail scrubbing
  • Animated emojis
  • New Android attachment menu with larger thumbnails
  • Customisable accent colours on iOS
  • Comments widget

Silent Messages

Designed for those of us who don’t like to text in full paragraphs- this feature lets you send messages with notifications, but without the accompanying sounds.

You can find the option by holding down the send button.

Slow Mode

This one is for group admins.  Slow Mode determines how frequently members of a group can send messages, thereby making the group easier to manage.

You can define the waiting period to be from 30 seconds, up to 1 whole hour.

Users will see how long they have to wait in the text box, and the feature can be turned off as necessary.

Custom Titles

With this feature, admins can give titles to other admins by clicking their name in group settings; for example, appointing job roles.

Video Previews

To make scrubbing on videos easier, previews are now displayed.

Animated Emojis

Emojis have now been animated like stickers.

Android’s New Attachment Menu

Android users can view bigger thumbnails on the attachment menu.

Additionally, users can now preserve the quality of their images using the “send without compression” option.

Accent Colours for Night Mode on iOS

iOS users can now customise accent colours while on night mode.

Comments Widget

Comments.App now allows you to add a comments widget to your website.

Telegram users can log in with just two taps, and leave comments with text and videos.  Users can also like, dislike and reply to others.

You can also subscribe to comments and get notifications from @DiscussBot.

You can download Telegram here:

[appbox googleplay org.telegram.messenger&hl=en_GB]

Source: neowin