Ah, Team Fortress 2, the game we never know if Valve is actually supporting. It’s still popular, despite the slowly waning amount of updates and the ever-growing army of unlockable hats. At the time of writing, the team-based shooter has 60,000 concurrent players on Steam, but how many of those would like to go back?

Modding team XYK are developing what is essentially a TF2 time machine, all the way back to 2008. I can’t remember much of the year 2008 (I’ll assume it was bad like most years) but the smell of a freshly released TF2 is one thing I can faintly recall. Team Fortress 2008 aims to bring back that feeling to all players who wish to experience a time before the Hat Nation attacked.

The mod is officially endorsed by Valve and will be available on Steam. The developers have stated that some changes had to be made at Valve’s request, however, it will be as close to the original release as Valve will allow.

Team Fortress 2008 will release on January 11th, 2019. Boy, that’s a confusing sentence. The store page also makes sure to let us know that there will be some “cartoon violence”, so be wary of that, kids!