Tango video calling service promise Windows Phone 7 support

image_rotateTango is a new VOIP service explicitly designed for video phone calling, and they are thinking big. The company already has 13 million users in 190 countries, and see themselves grabbing a big chunk of an estimated $60 billion pie.

“Smartphones, advanced cell networks, Skype, App stores – this is the best time to have built a new communications platform,” said co-founder Eric Setton. “We’ll be on PCs, tablets, you name it.”

The service already supports Android and the iPhone, but aim to be everywhere. It already supports 70 different  models of phones, with new software released every 2 weeks.

“It’s a race right now,” says Setton, “but anybody who tries to start now has to be on the 70 phones we’re doing, plus whatever comes next…then there is the PC, eventually the TV. We want to be on all of them.”

The next version of Windows Phone will certainly support VOIP, with Skype for Windows Phone already announced at MIX 11. The only question really is if Microsoft or the OEMs will release any devices with front-facing cameras, a feature that is not a requirement of the updates Chassis 1 design unfortunately.

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