Tango causing battery problems for the Samsung Omnia W?

Battery Stats Omnia W

Windows Blog Italia is reporting that their Samsung Omnia W is having some issues with the Windows Phone Tango update.

They report that since the update the phone has difficulty making it to the afternoon especially when used on 3G, with EDGE proving less of a battery drain.

Their battery performance, as measured by the Battery Status app, saw the battery level at 4% at around 17:00 while on the EDGE the handset still had 8% at 21:00 the next day.

They report before the Tango update the phone routinely had 20% battery left over on 3G by 23:00, which they considered reasonable performance.

Restoring back to Mango unfortunately did not restore the updated firmware back to normal, and did not solve the issue.

Have any 0f our readers experienced the same problem post Tango? Let us know below.

Read more at Windows Blog Italia here.