Square Enix rumoured to be working on Final Fantasy Spinoff


24, 2021

According to a leak by insider Navtra on ResetEra, Square Enix is set to unveil a new Final Fantasy game at their E3 conference, but it will be exclusive to PS5. 

“I believe you can expect at least one more major FF announcement in addition to updates on the currently announced stuff,” Navtra wrote in their post, leaking some of Square Enix’s upcoming plans.

While updates surrounding Final Fantasy 16, Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker and the Final Fantasy 7 Remaster were a given to be included in the show, this new announcement isn’t one we know much about. 

Navtra hasn’t provided many details across their ResetEra posting, but they have given a few snippets of information here and there. We do at least know that this new title will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5, though it may see a PC release sometime in the future, similar to Final Fantasy 16

The new spinoff game is also said to be inspired by the Dark Souls series of games from From Software with Navtra going on to say “it’s certainly Souls-inspired, but it’s not exactly what you’d imagine when you hear ‘Souls-like FF’.”

Whatever this title turns out to be, we’ll know more in Square Enix’s show during E3 which is running from June 12th to June 15th. 

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