Spotify lures new Premium subscribers through free three-month offer

August 16, 2022

Spotify free three months offer

Spotify wants new customers, and the bait it is using now is its free three-month offer for new Individual and Student subscribers. It can be availed until September 11, and those who register before the said date can enjoy it until November.

The offer is only available for the Individual and Student plans, but those who want the Spotify Duo and Family subscription can receive their first month for free. Spotify is also targeting those who canceled their Premium accounts before July 15. If you are one of them, you won’t be getting any free months, but returning to resurrect your account will mean a huge discount for you at only $9.99. Apparently, the pricing of the respective plans will go back to their original rates once the offer expires. With this, it is the best time to visit Spotify’s page to sign up for an account.

Different companies are feeling the effects of the struggling economy nowadays; Spotify is no exception, though its user population increased in the second quarter. The free-month offers and discounts are just some of the steps it is taking to attract more new subscribers. It can be recalled that the company implemented new changes and improvements to its apps in the past weeks, and recently, it even silently launched “Spotify Tickets” to test the selling of tickets directly to its fans. Well, we’ll probably see more of those things and surprises from Spotify itself as it tries its best to grow despite these challenging times.

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