“Something Amazing coming” Microsofter laid off with his McLaren

"something amazing" coming to Windows Phone

We all suspected that the “something amazing” which Jerry Berg AKA  Barnacules Nerdgasm, Senior Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft claimed was coming was the 3D Touch feature in the Nokia McLaren.

Now with the device apparently cancelled it seems there is no need for Jerry either.


Jerry posted on Twitter that he was one of the 18,000  staff members which Microsoft will be laying off over the next year, with his termination in effect immediately.

Jerry was worked at Microsoft for some time, and puts a face on the large number of people affected.

We hope while Microsoft is trimming the fat they are also not cutting into the bone and muscle they need to keep moving fast in the very competitive mobile environment.

We of course wish Jerry and all Microsoft staff who facing termination the best of luck in their future endeavours and hope their next position is even more rewarding.