Slack CEO is confident of defeating Microsoft Teams

Just two years back, Microsoft introduced Teams as a competitor to Slack. Slack even welcomed Teams with a full page ad in New York Times. Now, Microsoft Teams has reached 13 million daily active users, which is bigger than Slack’s daily active users. This is an important milestone in the rivalry between Slack and Microsoft Teams. In an interview to Fortune, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said that he is confident of beating Microsoft Teams. He gave examples like how small Microsoft overtook IBM, later Google defeated Microsoft and then Google itself was defeated by Facebook.

“The lesson that we take from that is that a smaller company if it has real traction with customers in some cases has a bit of an advantage against a large incumbent with multiple lines of business,” Butterfield said.

Butterfield also mentioned that Slack will continue to do the same thing for customers and they don’t care about what Microsoft does. He also praised Microsoft, he mentioned that Microsoft is an incredible company and even Slack uses Azure cloud services in the backend.

Source: Fortune