Siri Cozies Up To Bing

While copying Windows Phone, Apple decided it may as well switch to Bing too.  All kidding aside, Google is a powerful enemy and an ever increasing threat to Apple and Microsoft.  Since Windows Phone has less marketshare, Apple has decided to switch to Bing when iOS users use Siri.

Today at WWDC Apple announced iOS 7, which brings Bing web search integration to Siri, Apple’s breakthrough personal assistant, for the first time.  Starting this fall with iOS 7, Bing will power Siri’s new integrated web search. When users ask Siri a question either the specific answer or web search links will now be delivered automatically so users can find information even faster. will now be available to Siri users on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This deal between Apple and Microsoft is similar to the one with Yahoo.  The average user will not notice any front-end changes to Siri, but on the back-end search results will be powered by Bing.  This could be a precursor to Bing becoming the default search engine on Safari.

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