Seeing Apple Music in your Google Home settings? Here’s why

The Google Home apps for iOS and Android yesterday displayed settings for Apple Music integration. While the account settings didn’t do much, it was assumed it would be a matter of time before Google would roll this update out completely.

Unfortunately for excited users, it appears that isn’t going to be the case.

According to Google (via Bloomberg), the appearance of the Apple Music setting in the Home app was simply a bug.

“We have nothing to announce regarding updates to Google Home,” a Google spokesman said.

Apple Music can’t be used directly to play on Google Home speakers. Users can either use their speakers as Bluetooth speakers and then play it as they would a normal ‘dumb’ speaker, or they can move their music toa supported music service.

While the bug in the app provided a glimmer of hope, perhaps Apple might cave and work with Google in bringing its music service to the Home. While it seems that occurrence would make Satan wrap up for warmth, the firm has brought its service to the Microsoft Store and Amazon Echo. What’s one more?