Samsung Galaxy S8 units with Android Oreo gets certification by Wi-Fi Alliance

Wi-Fi Alliance has finally certified Galaxy S8 and S8+ units running Android Oreo ending the long beta test by the company. According to SamMobile, five different variants of S8 and S8+ with a sixth variant of S8 has been certified by Wi-Fi Alliance.

Google introduced a couple of new features with Android Oreo including Picture in Picture view, Password Autofill, Notification Dots and Notification Channels. These features are common and not device specific so they will be available for all the devices including Galaxy S8.

The good news is none of them are bound for only the US which means the certification is for variants around the globe including Korean, European and Asian variants. The company earlier paused the beta program because of an issue with US carriers Sprint and T-Mobile.

The company did also say that the beta program will end on 15th January which might suggest a possible date for the final roll-out of Oreo worldwide. However, do note that the roll-out is still speculation as Samsung hasn’t confirmed the final date yet. It is also possible that the company might do a roll-out in batches based on carriers or regions.

Via: Pocket Now