Randy Pitchford is stepping down as Gearbox Software’s president

October 7, 2021
Randy Pitchford Gearbox Software

Randy Pitchford has announced that he’s stepping down as the president of Gearbox Software, but will remain in the company as CEO.

Taking over as Gearbox Software’s president is Steve Jones, who’s been a part of Gearbox Software since 1999, where he worked on Half-Life: Opposing Force, the Halo: Combat Evolved PC port, and Brothers in Arms. Jones later become Gearbox Software’s chief technology officer in 2016 before receiving this latest promotion. 

In a statement released onto Twitter, Pitchford said that “Steve embodies the Gearbox Entertainment Company’s mission to Entertain the World, and he personifies the Gearbox values of Happiness, Creativity, and Profit,” so Gearbox should hopefully continue to thrive under this new leadership.

As for Pitchford, he’ll be staying within the company still, retaining his position as the CEO and President of The Gearbox Entertainment Company, which is the holding company that oversees Gearbox Software itself. 

Within this role, Pitchford will continue to be “accountable and responsible for high level creative and business strategy as well as the interaction between our business units, our executive leadership team, and our headquarters and office locations functions.” 

In this role as CEO and President of The Gearbox Entertainment Company, Pitchford will oversee the creation of the upcoming Borderlands film, so, hopefully, he won’t be responsible for another Aliens: Colonial Marines being unleashed upon the world.

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