Phones sent for warranty repairs now coming back with Mango


SmartphoneFrance reports one of their readers sent in their LG Optimus 7 for repair and received a pleasant surprise on return of the handset – it was now running Windows Phone 7 Mango.

Apparently the readers was pretty happy, saying:

"This is a pure joy! Everything is much faster and fluid , applications are better integrated and I discover each day of nice little details that make this phone  not the same … it is much better, I am truly delighted! = D "

If that’s not an endorsement for Mango I dont know what is.

This is not the first such report we have received, and while we do not suggest anyone break their phone just to get the update, I feel it is another sign that we do not have to wait too long for an official update.

Read more at SmartphoneFrance here.