Phone calls in the Your Phone app now rolling out to regular Windows 10 users

In December Microsoft rolled out the ability to make and receive phone calls via the Your Phone app to Windows Insiders.

Now the feature is rolling out to regular Windows 10 users.

The feature does involve giving permission to a number of features on your phone and PC, but after that, it is pretty plain sailing.

The Your Phone app is available for all iOS and Android handsets but is most prominently featured on high-end Android handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 via the Link to Windows feature.

Microsoft most recently added an improved phone gallery feature to the app, support for using the touch screen on your PC to interact with your phone, dual-SIM support, better notification support, and features such as transmitting your battery status and wallpaper to your PC and support for pen input and appears to be working on cross-device copy and paste.

If you have not installed the Your Phone app, you can find it in the Store here.

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