Nokia running the #SmokedbyWindowsPhone challenge in the streets of London

Nokia has been running their own version of the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge in the streets of London in February and posted this video of how it went down.

The challenges include searching, uploading and posting and Nokia was running the contest for relatively low stakes of only £10, and was offering losers £50 vouchers towards a new Windows Phone.

Nokia promises that the challenge will be coming to other cities, suggesting we should see it pop up all over the world.  The two minute video has also been condensed into a 30 sec segment, suggesting also we will see the Lumia challenge on TV too.

Besides the challenge, what struck me as interesting was how the presenters branded the Lumia 800 as a Lumia, much like one would say iPhone or Droid, suggesting Nokia will be looking to market their devices as a family rather than individually.

Thanks Ellis for the tip.