The Nintendo eShop is apparently set to be re-branded as the ‘Nintendo Switch Online shop’ sometime in the near future according to a tweet from Spawn Wave Media.

The reveal comes in the wake of Nintendo v Euskaldunak, a lawsuit involving Nintendo of America suing Mikel Euskaldunak for selling both modified Nintendo Switch consoles and modified NES Classic consoles that are apparently advertised as capable of running illegal software.

The official court documents contain the phrase “Nintendo Switch Online shop (formerly Nintendo eShop)” which indicates that there’s a very real chance that the Nintendo eShop is soon to be renamed, presumably to fall in line with Nintendo’s current theme of naming things after the new Nintendo Switch Online service.

The change also hints that Nintendo may be looking into setting up specific virtual stores for each console, as the Nintendo eShop is also present on other consoles such as the 3DS and 2DS.

Source: Spawn Wave on Twitter.