New Twitch promo offers free 3-month PC Game Pass access when you buy 2 new subs

November 2, 2022

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Xbox wants new Game Pass members, and its new hunting ground is Twitch. The tech giant is luring the platform’s game enthusiasts and fans with free three-month access to PC Game Pass when they purchase two new Twitch subs and/or gift subs within a limited period. Specifically, the promotion will start on November 3 at 10 AM PT and last until November 11 at 3 PM PT.

“For a limited time, we’re teaming up with Xbox to provide a PC Game Pass trial when you support Twitch streamers with subscriptions,” Twitch says in its blog post announcing the promo. “This is just one of the ways we’re experimenting with giving you more for watching and streaming on Twitch. This is an added benefit to everything you already receive from subbing to your favorite streamers, including custom emotes, badges, Channel Points multipliers, as well as ad-free viewing and sub-only chat — when enabled.”

The promo only covers specific new subs or gift subs, including new monthly subs (any tier), multi-month subs (3-month, 6-month), and gift subs (any tier for any number of months). After purchasing the said products, a code will be received on the Twitch notifications inbox and the Drops & Rewards Inventory page. Twitch users can redeem it on Xbox’s site until November 18, 2022, at 11:59 PM PT.

It is available in 42 countries, but note that if you have previously claimed a Game Pass trial before, the promo will be deemed invalid. It also excludes specific subs, such as existing recurring sub renewals, Prime subs, monthly subscriptions that are re-purchased before they fully expire, subs received through Sub Token redemptions, and any other product purchases like Bits and Turbo.

While this looks like an exciting announcement for Twitch users, it is not new for many since Xbox always offers a $1 deal for three-month access to PC Game Pass. This is probably just one of the latest steps Microsoft is taking to further increase the population of its PC Game Pass subscribers. And with Twitch being one of the biggest platforms serving the gaming community, the promo is a good way to get considerable attention from game fans. 

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