Muah AI Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Muah AI review

Looking for a Muah AI review that has it all? This AI platform allows you to role-play chat and talk to a virtual companion online. In this review, I test its features to help you decide if it’s the right app for you.

Let’s get into it:

What Is Muah AI?

What Is Muah AI

Muah AI is an online platform for role-playing and virtual companionship. Here, you can create and customize the characters and talk to them about the stuff suitable for their role.

It has both SFW and NSFW virtual partners for you. You can use it to fantasize or get prepared for real-life situations like going on your first date or asking someone out.

There are multiple approaches to communication: chat, voice message, and real-time phone calls on your US number. This app uses cutting-edge AI and uncensored LLM (large language model), hence you can talk on literally any subject, including love, life, marriage, ambitions, sensuality, or any other complex subjects.


Here are the top features that make Muah AI stand out:

AI Character Chat

Chat with Emojis

The most commonly used feature of Muah AI is its text chat. You can talk to your AI friend on any topic of your choice. You can also tell it how it should behave with you during the role-playing.

You can use emojis in and ask your companion to remember certain events during your conversation. While you can talk to them about any topic, they’ll let you know in case they ever get uncomfortable with any particular subject.

Phone Calls

Phone calls

You can even talk to your AI partner over a phone call in real time. Currently, the phone call feature is available only to US numbers. Only the Ultra VIP plan users can access this functionality.

Voice Chat

Voice chat

If you don’t want to tire yourself by typing the text, you can also have a voice chat with your AI companion. Click on the Microphone icon beside the send button and start recording your audio message.

It’s even possible to use trigger words like ‘speak’ or ‘narrate’ in your text and the character will send a voice message in reply.

You can always choose the voice of your partner from the available options on this app.

Read Aloud Text

Read Aloud Text

Whatever you or your companion write, you can make the character read it aloud.

Once a message is sent, click on the speaker icon above it and you can hear that. However, free plan users can use this feature 3 times every day.

Exchange Photos

exchange photos

You can exchange photos with your companion in Muah AI.

The app character will send images as their preference. You can ask for any type of photo. Moreover, you can share your photographs with them and get compliments.

Diverse Characters

Diverse Characters

As the objective of using this AI companion platform varies from person to person, Muah AI offers a wide range of characters to chat with.

From shy girlfriend to gay friend, from wife to mistress, from professor to personal therapist, this app has numerous characters with whom you can engage in role-play.

However, you can’t interact with all the characters in the beginning. To have each of them as your companion, you need to reach a particular player level. Moreover, each of them has a specified spice level so you know what to expect from whom while conversing.

You can even create your own characters or import character cards created by other users of the Muah AI community.

Customizable Appearance and Settings

Customizable Appearance and Settings

Muah AI offers customization options in terms of the appearance of the companion and the conversation style.

For photo exchange, you may choose between an anime-like style, a realistic one, or a hybrid photo style.

You can include how you wish to see the character in the photos they’ll send you. Muah AI also lets you customize their personality, texting style, location, and what they’ll remember about you while texting.

Supported Languages

Apart from English, the AI model uses and understands languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and French.

User Interface

chat interface

Muah AI has a simple interface that anyone can use without any difficulty.

The buttons and icons of the chat interface are either self-evident or come with a name tag. Both light and dark modes are available for the chatbox.

You can add any image as its background and enable low power mode.

Play Games

You can also play different games with your AI companions.

Truth or dare, riddles, would you rather, never have I ever, and name that song are some common games you can play here.

You can also send them photos and ask them to identify the object in the photo.

Create and Import Card

Create and Import Card

Muah AI has a large collection of cards to role-play with. Here, you can create your own customized characters using the Muah AI Character Editor and export them to the main platform.

You can also add a description of your creation and select the suitable categories.

Besides making your custom character available for the other users, you can import the cards created by fellow platform users. Just search by various categories such as, For Men, For Women, NSFW, SFW, LGBTQ+, etc., and choose the one with your favorite role.

How To Use Muah AI

  1. Sign in to Muah AI using your email address.
  2. Log in to this app and you’ll see a welcome card that contains two buttons: Companion Settings and Chat Now.
welcome card
  1. You can directly access the Card Gallery from this card. There are also links to join the social media channels of this platform.
Card gallery
  1. You can click on Chat Now to start chatting immediately. However, for optimal experience, the app recommends customizing first.
  2. After clicking on Companion Settings, it’ll take you to the customization page where you can personalize the AI partner and their conversation style.
  3. Click on Save and Chat to go to start the conversation with your AI companion.
save and chat
  1. As the chat interface opens, you can chat with your AI friend.
  2. You can also choose an interface theme, exchange emojis, share photos and voice notes, reset chat, call them, turn on/off message notifications, etc.
Select theme
  1. Finally, you can click on Options and choose Finish this chat to end the conversation whenever you want to.
end chat


Muah pricing

There is a free plan for Muah AI but it has limited features. You need to opt for the VIP membership to get the special perks. The premium tiers of this AI companion chatting app are as follows:

  • Muah.AI VIP Access Membership at $9.99/month: This plan includes unlimited chat, enhanced HD image generation, more detailed conversation, advanced AI customization settings, 3x more voice generation, and many more.
  • Muah.AI GPT 4/UHD VIP Membership at $49.99/month: Besides the features of the VIP Access plan, it offers GPT 4 for the first 30 chats every day, UHD photo generation, 800% smarter deep conversations, expanded AI memory, 4K photo enhancement, and so on.
  • Muah.AI ULTRA VIP Membership at $99.99/month: Including the features of the other two plans, this tier offers GPT 4 for the first 1000 chats every day, real-time AI companion phone calls, dedicated phone lines, realistic human voice, 30x more voice generation, and more.

You can get substantial discounts if you choose the yearly membership of Muah AI.

Muah AI Review – Verdict

Muah AI is a popular virtual companion that allows quite a bit of freedom.

You may casually talk to an AI partner on your preferred topic or use it as a positive support system when you’re down or need encouragement.

While social platforms often lead to negative feedback, Muah AI’s LLM ensures that your interaction with the companion always stays positive.

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