Microsoft’s popular Selfie app comes to Android and the Web


5, 2016


Late last year, Microsoft released a pretty interesting app for taking selfies on the iPhone. It’s been almost a year since the Microsoft Selfie app launched on the iPhone, and it’s finally available Android. Microsoft Selfie isn’t just another app for taking selfies, it actually uses computer vision to improve your selfies. According to Microsoft, Microsoft Selfie can intelligently detect your age, gender, skin tone, and the lighting condition — which it then uses to improve your selfies. The app is apparently able to transform “average photos” into “enhanced, natural” photos in seconds. The firm has also released a video showing off how Microsoft Selfie can improve the quality of your videos, which you can watch below:

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Along with the default enhancements, users can also add filters to their selfies using the Microsoft Selfie app on Android — there isn’t a wide range of filters available, but you still get 12 filters which should get the job done for the most part.

Microsoft is also launching Selfie on the Web at selfie.microsoftcafe.netAt the moment, the Web app seems very limited as it only enhances your photos — meaning that you can’t crop an image, or even add filters. It is worth mentioning that Microsoft is yet to officially announce the Web (and Android) app, which means the Web app might get better once it’s officially launched.

If you are interested in trying out Microsoft Selfie, you can get the Android app from here.

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