Microsoft support document reveals the company’s plan to deal with driver incompatibility issues

Microsoft has been in hot waters many times due to the wrong driver installation by Windows Update. This usually is the result of wrong drivers being pushed out to the users or a mistake by the OEM partner. While Windows Updates are far from perfect, Microsoft is working on a potential solution to ensure incompatible updates are not rolled out to Windows 10 users.

First reported by Windows Latest, an internal Microsoft support document reveals the company’s plan to fix the issue. According to the document, Microsoft OEM partners like Dell and HP will be able to request blockades for drivers from reaching Windows Update.

A temporary hold on offering an OS upgrade to a device. These devices are blocked until the fix is released via servicing, at which point the device is then unblocked. This does not impact media installs.

An issue that directly impacts the OS after upgrade, such as a driver crash, BSOD or data loss, security issues, connectivity loss, etc, for which a fix is in progress.

– Microsoft

Currently, there’s no way for Microsoft to know if a third-party driver has compatibility issues with Windows updates. Microsoft is usually made aware of the issues after users install the update, in which case, the company puts a blockade and notifies the manufacturer about the issue.

This new process should allow smoother Windows Update installation. Apart from that, Microsoft is also planning to block Windows Update a day before and after Patch Tuesday. All these new changes should allow Microsoft to improve the quality and stability of the Windows 10 Updates delivered to the users.

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