Microsoft releases new Surface Pro X system update that improves device stability and reliability

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Microsoft recently released a new system update for Surface Pro X devices. This new June 16 release system update improves device stability and reliability, improved external monitor connection when resuming from hibernate and more.

June 16 release:

The following updates are available for Surface Pro X SQ2 devices running Windows 10 May 2020 Update, version 20H1, or greater.

Windows Update History NameDevice Manager NameVersion and Update
Microsoft Corporation – System Hardware UpdateSurface System Aggregator – Firmware1.207.139.0

  • Improves device stability and reliability.

Qualcomm(R) Wi-Fi B/G/N/AC (2×2) Svc – Network adapters1.0.1540.0

  • Addresses critical security vulnerabilities and improves connection stability.
Surface UEFI – Firmware7.570.140.0

  • Resolves the external display connection issue, improves device stability and reliability.
Surface Dock 2 Firmware Update Driver Extension6.1.137.0

  • Enables Surface Dock 2 updates.
Qualcomm(R) USBC UCSI Participant – System devices2.16.139.0

  • Improves external monitor connection when resuming from hibernate.
Snapdragon TM X24 LTE Modem – Network adapters1.0.1500.0

  • Resolves update issue where the device cannot receive SMS messages.
Surface Radio Monitor – System devices3.50.139.0

  • Resolves Device Manager error reporting.
Surface Pro X Peripheral Image Loader Device – System devices1.0.1220.0

  • Merges support for both Surface Pro X SQ1 and SQ2 devices.

Source: Microsoft via: WindowsCentral

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