Microsoft offers “Build your own Surface Go Kids Bundle” plus JBL headphones for $440


27, 2019

Microsoft is now offering a deal on its Surface Go that’s specially tailored to families with tech-savvy kids.

Starting from $440, you can build a “Surface Go Kids Bundle”, with your choice of Surface Go and JBL headphones, plus a protective case and keyboard.

  1. For $399, you can get the Surface Go with 64GB / Intel 4415Y / 4GB RAM / Wi-Fi; or for $549.00 the Surface Go with 128GB / Intel 4415Y / 8GB RAM / Wi-Fi.
  2. For $12.48 ($24.95)  you can get the JBL JR300 Headphones; or for $24.98 ($49.95) the JBL JR300 BT Headphones.
  3. For $29.98 ($59.95) you can choose a Gumdrop FoamTech Case for Surface Go in either dark purple or blue.
  4. For $99.99 you can choose the Surface Go Signature Type Cover in black; or for $129.99 you can get it in Platinum, Burgundy, and Cobalt Blue in Alcantara®.

Additionally, you can buy the Surface Pen in platinum, black, cobalt blue or burgundy for $99.99.  The Surface Mobile mouse is available in Platinum, Burgundy, and Cobalt Blue for $34.99.

The Gumdrop FoamTech Case is available in black for full price, but you have to buy it as an addition to the blue or purple case.

Finally, the TUMI Tablet Cover for Surface Go is being sold for $79.99, and the HEX Surface Go Sleeve for $44.99.

Microsoft is offering free 2-3 day shipping with the deal, and if you change your mind, free returns through Friday, January 31, 2020.

Explore the offer on the Microsoft website.

Via: Alumia

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