Microsoft News: Microsoft releases Edge Dev 114.0.1793.0 with no new features

April 19, 2023

Microsoft has released Edge version 114.0.1793.0 to the Insiders in the Dev Channel. This is the second build of the Edge 114, released last week. But unlike the previous release, Edge Dev 114.0.1793.0 does not include any new features or changes. Instead, it focussed on bug fixes and improvements.

Edge Dev 114.0.1793.0 comes with fixes for an issue that was causing a browser crash when clicking on the Workspaces menu after exiting full-screen mode. It has also fixed a couple of issues on Android, including a Read Aloud crash, a browser crash when tapping the Clear button on the History hub, and a browser crash after tapping on Undo after closing all tabs. To learn more about what has been fixed in the latest version of Microsoft Edge Dev 114.0.1793.0, you can read the complete official changelog below.

Microsoft Edge Dev 114.0.1793.0 changelog

Microsoft Edge Dev 114.0.1793.0

To update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Dev Channel users need to navigate to Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge. You will see the update here. You need to download and install and then restart the browser to complete the installation. It is worth noting that Edge Dev 114.0.1793.0 is not available for Windows 8.1 or older PCs, as Microsoft Edge no longer supports them for Insider builds.

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