Microsoft releases several new features for HoloLens in the latest Insider Preview build

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft recently released a new Insider Preview build for HoloLens with several new features and improvements. With this new Insider Preview build, the new Microsoft Edge web browser based on Chromium is available to HoloLens 2 customers for the first time. In this release, Microsoft also released a new version of the Settings app that includes new features and expanded settings for HoloLens 2 in the following areas: Sound, Power & sleep, Network & Internet, Apps, Accounts, Ease of Access, and more.

Swipe to type is another neat feature that will improve the overall experience on HoloLens.

Some customers find it faster to “type” on virtual keyboards by swiping the shape of the word they intend to type, and we’re previewing this feature for the holographic keyboard. You can swipe one word at a time by passing the tip of your finger through the plane of the holographic keyboard, swiping the shape of the word, and then withdrawing the tip of your finger from the plane of the keyboard. You can swipe follow-up words without needing to press the spacebar by removing your finger from the keyboard between words. You will know the feature is working if you see a swipe trail following your finger’s movement on the keyboard.

You can find the full change log below.

Feature NameShort descriptionAvailable in build
New Microsoft EdgeThe new, Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is now available for HoloLens 220279.1006
New Settings appThe legacy Settings app is being replaced by an updated version with new features and settings20279.1006
Default app pickerChoose which app should launch for each file or link type20279.1006
Office web appA shortcut to the Office web app is now listed in “All apps”20279.1006
Swipe to typeUse the tip of your finger to “swipe” words on the holographic keyboard20279.1006
USB-C External Microphone SupportUse USB-C microphones for apps and / or Remote Assist.20279.1006
New AUMIDs for new apps in Kiosk modeAUMIDs for new Settings and Edge apps20279.1006
Improved Kiosk mode failure handingKiosk mode looks for Global Assigned Access before empty start menu.20279.1006
Configure Fallback DiagnosticsSetting Fallback Diagnostic Behavior in Settings App20279.1006

Source: Microsoft

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