Microsoft highlights Paint 3D and the Surface Dial

Microsoft is showcasing off its Surface Dial and Paint 3D integration for users on Windows 10’s Creator Update (technically you only need the Anniversary Update to use the Surface Dial, but that’s another story).

With the Paint 3D app, aside from all the painting and drawing features you associate with the classic Microsoft Paint along with the addition of 3D support. With the Surface Dial users and Paint 3D can create, manipulate, and edit 3D creations. App functionality like the Colour Wheel, Stamp Stickers, and other cutesy stuff that’s been introduced with Paint 3D.

Paint 3D is (aside from being an unfortunately named app) built into the Windows on the Creators Update. It is versatile, store updateable and adapted to touch. While it isn’t yet as good as its not-UWP counterpart, users can be assured that Microsoft’s changes will soon bring the two up to par.