Microsoft has indeed given up on killing Microsoft Paint for Windows 10

Two months ago we wrote that there was indications that Microsoft has changed their mind about deprecating Microsoft Paint, with the aim of removing it from future versions of Windows 10.

The app had been showing the above warning that it will be soon replaced by Paint 3D for nearly two years now, but the Product Alert warning was removed on an Insider Build of Windows 10 1903.

Now Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager on the Windows Insider Program Team has confirmed that, at least for now, the venerable app is here to stay.

He was responding to a query by asking about the future of the app, and said “It’ll remain included in Windows 10 for now.

The classic Microsoft Paint is much loved for its speed and simplicity, making it very straightforward to complete basic tasks without being confused by a complex user interface, exactly the opposite of its supposed replacement, Paint 3D, so the decision is likely to be met with much joy.

It is however another example of Microsoft seemingly rolling back on ambitious plans to modernize Windows (plans which are usually met with much resistance by end users of course)  and it has caused some to wonder if Microsoft is cutting down further on their investment in their operating system. While such a lack of investment will of course leave Windows perfectly functional for current hardware, it does make it difficult to support future form factors such as foldable PCs for example.

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