Microsoft Garage’s latest app helps you better manage your relationship with your contacts


18, 2016

Microsoft Connection Android

Connections is a Microsoft Garage app which helps users better manage their relationship with their contacts, be it friends, family, customers, vendors or suppliers. It will help users to capture and surface important information so that they can be organized and prepared. For now, this app will provide info from Notes, Reminders and Categories.

Microsoft Connection Android 1

Key Features

  • Note down information you want to remember for a contact right after meeting them or calling them
  • Set reminders for each contact so you get reminded with info on exactly whom to follow-up with & when
  • View the last note even before answering someone’s phone call
  • Categorize your contacts with tags for easy search
  • Add pictures from your phone gallery so you can have visual notes and reminders
  • Share notes with context – notes go with the respective contact information like name and phone number

Download it here from Play Store for free.

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