Microsoft Edge Dev 104.0.1293.1 adds no new features

June 23, 2022
Microsoft Edge flash

Last week, Microsoft introduced several new features with a new Edge Dev Insider build. However, the company’s latest update to the Edge Dev Channel doesn’t include any major changes, and it primarily focuses on improving what Microsoft has already introduced.

The recently-released Edge Dev 104.0.1293.1 comes with an improved loading time of “Read Aloud” for mobile, improvements to the logic for image enhancement, and another browser improvement that ensures changing between light and dark themes is smoother. Aside from that, the latest version of Edge Dev includes several bug fixes.

You can learn more about what’s new in the latest update by checking out the complete official changelog below.


If you want to try these new features before Beta and stable channel users, you can download Microsoft Edge Dev here from the Official Edge Insider website. To update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Dev Channel users need to navigate to Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge. You will see the update here. You need to download and install and then restart the browser to complete the installation.

If you’re using Edge Dev, which features do you love the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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