Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella ranked as best CEO in the US



Comparably today announced the winners of annual Best CEOs awards. The winners are derived from sentiment ratings provided by employees on their CEOs to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was ranked No.1 in the list.

“Microsoft had thousands of employees partake in the study. (Nadella) had incredible scores from his team,” said Jason Nazar, Co-Founder and CEO of Comparably. “Microsoft was not the darling of the tech space three-plus years ago. Now they’ve been in the news for being the most valuable company in the world. I think the team is really excited about what he’s done to build that business.”

According to Comparably’s report, Microsoft employees also appreciated how Satya dealt when times when there were mishaps. Employees felt that Satya handled the mishaps with grace.

Source: Comparably via: USAToday

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